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Default DVR Access Problem - Corrupted ActiveX component

DVR Access Problem - Corrupted ActiveX component
For three years our DVR has been visible over the internet net quite normally.
Suddenly, for no reason I can make out, it is not visible from outside the office. If I sit at my Pc which is plugged into the router that the DVR is plugged into, and navigate to the IP address internally, I receive the error message in a little error window:-
0 @ c:\program files\borland\cbuilder\include\at\atktl.h\1148
Press [Y]es to terminate, [N]o to continue and ]C]ancel to Debug"
If I press OK, the viewer loads normally.
However, if I am NOT in my office but coming in via the internet, the message obviously can't appear in my browser because I am no longer on the office network, so there's nothing I can press "OK" on to get it to display properly. It just sits there. The DVR is waiting for someone to press OK but of course, we can't!
My guess is that whoever wrote the ActiveX component, using "Borland C language (cBuilder)", was using an "include" file called "atktl.h" on his or her Pc as a code library prior to compiling the ActiveX component for distribution, and for some reason that ActiveX component can't now read the bit of information it wants inside it's own structure. Consequently, it tries to go to the "include" file to get it. Of course, we didn't design the component, so it's not there on our Pc.
Apparently, the tech Support people at the manufacturer tried to access the DVR and our supplier says they succeeded. My guess is that they did it from a Pc on which the include file actually exists. There's no other way because I have tried it from five different computers on two different networks.
For commercial or other reasons, the supplier won't tell us who the manufacturer is or how to get their technical support - I would dearly love to call them!
I also guess that by simply having the software reinstalled, it will fix it.
Can anyone help? Here's the information:-
Fitted three years ago, eight cameras, with a DVD burner. The ActiveX window has a coloured log "DVRRemote" at the top left, and the manual carefully avoids any reference to the manufacturer, though it's an excellent manual.
The component is called "VideoViewer.ocx" and I can't see an "inf" file, even if I look in c:\windows\downloaded program files using DOS.
I am using the correct IP address from outside, through "DynDns" and I made sure by connecting remotely using winVNC first.
Pc is Windows XP SP3, kept updated with Windows updates automatically.
Many thanks for anyone who can help
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Default Re: DVR Access Problem - Corrupted ActiveX component

you're right, they did it from a computer on which the include file definitely exists.
just tell your supplier to update its firmware. updating firmware will not take much of their time because they can do it remotely.
or simply use the remote software not browser.

isagani grimaldo
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