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Old 03-15-2010, 09:50 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Help needed on Samsung CCTV Camera

Hi group,
I need some help please,but only have limited intellingence on installing my CCTV Camera. ome time ago I purchased a Samsung SCC-C9302(F)P
with pan tilt zoom. The bloke I bought it from sold me the camera with a PTZ Controller. I recieved the camera ok,but got scamed for the PTZ controller and he told me he would send it on to me when he finds it. He never did. Anyway I had no instructions,but I managed to get the camera working using the leads and power just to make sure it working. Yes it is fine. Now the problem I got is trying to figure out on how to set up the PTZ Controller up to the camera and into my 4 camera Digital recorder 500gig hardrive. The PTZ controller has no model or name on it,but the connections on the back is o0ne power connector then 2 green sockets
2 blocks 2 and a 3 first block 12v then the other says + RS 485 - THE ptz has all the usual buttons 0 to 9 joysstick for panning and 13 other buttons with menu preset etc has a red display for 0 to 99 setting. There are 8 jumper settings in the off position (CODE)
Hope Im making sense here and willing to take any advice on how to set this all up. Just a simple drawing of wireing diagram will do and Im pretty sure I could get the pan tilt and zoom working with some help from this forum
Many thanks for reading
Ray Newbie

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Default Re: Help needed on Samsung CCTV Camera

Hi Ray,
I may be wrong but im sure your camera is not a PTZ camera, the only control will just a zoom function when connected with a PTZ controller. Without a model number for the controller or picture its gonna be a bit difficult to explain/confirm the action to take. the biggest problem you may face is communication to the camera. As for the DVR you should be ok just to connect the video output from the camera straight to the DVR.
The controller may work without being connected to the DVR. you will need a supply of 12v to the controller, The 485 connection from the camera will need to be connected to the 485 connection on the controller (check polarity), As for the baud rate if this is different for camera and controller it wont work and will need to be set the same. also protocol may be an issue (is the controler samsung?). again if not and you cant set to the same protocol it wont work. Sorry about all the negatives but the camera may be better as a static.
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